At Home Educational Resources

As a former teacher, I’m always trying to find new ways for my kiddos to learn while at home. I’m still on the fence of whether or not I’ll actually homeschool them, but the opportunity to learn can be incorporated into a child’s life easily every single day. Anywhere from puzzles, to books, to talking about how that flower sprouted in their yard, a quick spark in learning is crucial for a child’s development and starts at an early age.

I was recently introduced to an amazing website that helps provide resources at home for children ages preschool to 5th grade called This website has some incredible tools that homeschooling mamas and parents of children in public school can benefit from on so many levels!

Anywhere from printable worksheets, online educational games, lesson plans (WHAT?! A teacher’s dream!), to weekly stories for discussion, this website is a game changer. Not only does it provide activities and lessons for academics, but it also is FUN for the kids to participate in. School can feel like a drag sometimes (even to teachers or adults in college), but with resources like, it’s a totally different story.

My three year old and I first looked at the word tracers provided from their website. Now he’s definitely not ready to be tracing full words, but I’m so excited to see what he does with this type of activity in the future. The word tracers are adorable with little crawling bug pictures throughout and fun ways to engage your child in doing something as simple as tracing a word! Be sure to check out for more writing and reading resources! 

They have some incredible tools for parents including progress tracking to monitor your child’s growth in academics. For kids, the games provided on their website are actually things they may be interested in AND educational. For example, making pizzas or playing secret agent games are both directed towards math. Click here to check out more of the educational games provided.

Parents, if you’re looking for ways to keep your kiddos learning throughout the summer, this is the website to seek out. Even if you just do one activity or 15 minutes a day, you’re still engaging your children academically outside of a classroom but with real educational tools so they don’t completely disconnect from their academics. Take a quick look and see all they have to offer. I’ll admit I was pretty amazed myself! And the best part…it can all be done from the comfort of your home. No need to change into jeans today, mama. Rock those loose fitting plaid pajama pants and tank top today while you sip on your lukewarm coffee and fold laundry and your child has fun with their education using

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