Falling Asleep with Ease

Falling Asleep.jpg

I’m a mom of (soon to be) three kids. Obviously “sleep” and “relaxation” are not part of my every day vocabulary anymore. Shoot…they’re probably not even a part of my every week vocabulary. When I started my Rising Up Challenge (click here to view week one and join!) I had to start going to bed early. Ugh. My only time to be alone and finally get some no-think time was diminishing.

Think again! I started doing these simple tasks to help me wake up an hour earlier (made a HUGE difference for me) and I finally fell asleep with a relaxed mind and body. In other words, I finally got to sleep the way my husband does…(kidding…kind of).

Here’s my simple bed time routine: 

  • Go to bed before midnight
  • Stretch (even just simple stretches like these)
  • Wash face and take off makeup
  • Drink a full glass of water
    • Obviously, think about using the restroom one last time before lying down for the night.
  • Journal
    • Sometimes I’ll look up something on Pinterest and find good journaling ideas like this one.
    • Other times, I’ll just write down simple prayers or big ideas.
    • Another good alternative to this may be to read a book.
  • Pray
  • Diffuse an essential oil
    • Lavender is 100% my jam…even during the day time simply because I think that’s gotta be what Jesus smells like.
  • Have a written plan for the next day
    • Nothing fancy, but having a purpose when you wake up makes things much easier!
    • You can even do this in your phone as a checklist!

These are such simple ways to help switch up going to bed. Giving up TV was probably the hardest part for me honestly, but I couldn’t believe the difference it made! I want to encourage you to try doing one thing differently to try and make a more relaxing atmosphere for yourself when going to sleep.

Comment below what you do to have a good night’s sleep or if you are trying my own routine and how you’re liking it so far!

2 thoughts on “Falling Asleep with Ease

  1. Amanda rau says:

    I do similar things….I get ready for bed, love me some lavender either diffused or sprayed and I always read a book. Sometimes unread for 3p mins and other times I read for 5 mins but it helps me fall asleep. thanks.foe the tips

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